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at a time. if membership serves me right, co-ceos might cut it in corporate america but rarely co-presidents. remember bill and hillary clinton when they were in the white house? they were billed as the deal to end all deals for voters. what a deal. two for the price of one. then came hillary's healthcare debacle and one had to sneak out of the bench. we catholics like to say our popes are infallible, but that does not mean they still can't be gullible. especially when those two believe they could work alongside each other like a vet can hot couple and not end up -- vatican odd couple and not drive each other cross. who is felix and who is oscar? i'm told benedict is uncontrollable neat freak. real neat freak. my bet is he is felix. i don't mean to sound irrev respect or sacrilegious but bet the rosary beads this will get bumpy. you don't have to be catholic
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to see catastrophe. he is so close, he can just whisper, this leads me to believe the new pope's heavenly patience with the old pope will soon pop. before long, benedict will be set up in a nice condo, maybe far away on a high mountain, where he can be just left to pray. mark my words. this will not work out. some moving out of the vatican. you guess. all right. 8:00 p.m. fbn. tonight. >> i supported him. voted for him the first time around. ited a -- i had hoped because he was black. shame on me. >> black chamber of commerce ripping in the president. he didn't stop there. why is he so upset? why is he on me with to talk about it? why not? >> kimberly: hello, i'm kimberly guilfoyle with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana
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perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: you are looking live at washington, d.c. where another fiscal deadline looms. automatic spending cuts kick in friday unless lawmakers reach a deal. but is this really a crisis? here on "the five," we were ahead of the curve to tell you sequestration isn't going to mean armageddon for america. but the press and political class mostly on the left are trying to tell you otherwise. example number one, the media. >> we are now within 72 hour of the drastic budget cuts across the american economy. >> with the budget ax falling the government starts releasing illegal immigrants from jail. >> slight delays, kids losing vaccine and meat shortages. >> the consequences they predict grow more dire every day. >> the question tonight is if it's as dire as the white house says it is, why isn't more being done to stop it?
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>> kimberly: example number two. the obama administration. >> it will have a negative impact on the safety of american across the great country. >> 5,000 border patrol agents. less overtime and ability to hire port officer, the same at the tsa. longer lines there. >> 70,000 children would lose access to head start slots. 14,000 teaches who teach those children would lose those jo jobs. >> kimberly: erroneous. you have a different take on. this they have us think it's doom and gloom and no more bay corp. in the bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches. >> eric: you will come get this here because we are the only ones who will tell you the truth. the sequest tration -- remember how we got here. the debt ceiling debate turned in the simpson-bowles commission which turned in the super committee, the grand bargain. they all failed.
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the pounding was going to be sequestration. what was the big penalty? it's not so big after all. take the chart please, show you what it is. spending is still going to increase. here is spending. the green area is spending. it continues to increase. the actual sequestration is a fine little skinny little red line that goes up along and guess what? it has almost zero impact on spending. spending is going to increase in 2012. according to the budget, $2 $2.54 trillion in '13. $3.7 trillion. it goes up. it will be $4.4 trillion in outlays. sequestration will not turn spending in the other direction. it's a fallacy. >> kimberly: so no real cuts happening is what you are saying. lack of spenning in other areas. >> bob: get the crayon out of his hands. >> that is what it is. >> bob: come here to get the facts? the facts are it's true we will spend more money this
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year than we did last year. one of the reasons for that is you have increase in entitlements. they are mandatory, automatic. so unless and until both sides have the guts to deal with it, ese are real cuts. border agentd head start and a lot of things. you may not think it's not a big deal but it is because if you keep going back to your number you include entitlements in there. if you take them out, they are real cuts. >> why not? the reason why we are here is they wouldn't include entitlements? >> bob: you are right. neither one has the guts to deal with it. >> eric: including obama. >> bob: exactly. >> dana: that is a good point. the profiles in courage are lacking in d.c. because on page five of our sheet it says these things are walled off from the cuts. social security, veteran programs, medicare -- you can go on an on. school lunchs, pel grant. all the things are that are hard to do and politically difficult aren't on the table. so this stuff is irresponsible
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way to do the cuts. they have had a year-and-a-half to figure out how to do it. the thing is what they have done in the first clip we showed is like pulling the fire alarm in a crowded theater. there is no fire. the crowd rushes to the exits. except this time, everybody is just sitting there watching the movie going yeah, we're good. we know this is a fake fire alarm. not going to worry about it. >> kimberly: what you are saying is a good example. that's criminal. you're not allowed to do that. it's against the law. yet they create the hysteria, the armageddon and the accomplices are the media putting it forward. people are believing this stuff. >> dana: i will defend them a little bit. in some ways people look at this in the media, including the editorial boards are saying well, wait a second, that is actually not the case. or why didn't you put forward some sort of a plan, mr. president? in particular today we showed the clip about arnie duncan the secretary of education at the, who talking about the teachers who are going to be
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laid off. well a reporter did what a reporter is supposed to do. called the school district and finds out. it's actually not related to the reasons that the notices went out. it was more of a state-operated thing. they haven't checked their facts. they are going too fast. they are going to get to friday and not have a deal. >> kimberly: greg? >> bob: you want to say something? >> greg: no. go ahead. i was joking. >> bob: okay, go ahead. >> greg: go ahead. >> bob: okay, i will. >> greg: i'm kidding. i want to move on. dana makes a point, empty theater but like "nightmare on elm street," the first time it was scary. every subsequent sequal you care less and le about the victims. the problem is we are the victims. we are counting the do-or-die scenarios we have gone through. it's been eight times. the eruptions are like herpes, they flare up every tree months and you act like it's the first time and it goes
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away an you pretend it never happens and then it happens againment the big picture is not about the eruptions but how we spend overall, which will create inflation. in a few years, the only thing worse less than a buck is obama's word. the media by the way has the memory of an aquarium goldfish. we pretend this is new. we keep repeating that it's new. it's not like armageddon, it's die hard and you turn on the tv and it's on all the time. the spending crisis has been going on forever. what happens, you know what happens at the end? it's just like a mid-term final. everybody crams and they get it done. let's stop talking about it. >> kimberly: i think we concluded on it. >> bob: talk about hysteria. >> greg: i had to sit here for five minutes listen to the same thing we have done for a year-and-a-half, almost two years. >> bob: i'm suggesting something different here, you can argue the way they presented this thing is a little bit alarmist. it probably could agree with that. this time around this is real
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and serious and they matter. >> greg: they are not real. >> bob: they are. [ overtalk ] >> kimberly: eric? >> bob: there are cuts seven months a on monday they will feel it. >> eric: they are not cuts. >> bob: they are too cuts. >> eric: decreases and increases, slower paces. janet napolitano does not have to cut 5,000 border agents if she doesn't want to. she uses it to scare the begees -- >> bob: what do you mean? >> eric: they don't have the furlough all agents if they don't want to. they can make adjustments elsewhere. >> kimberly: department heads can decide. >> bob: that is why the defense partners go crazy about that because they can't move money around in the budget to get it handled. >> dana: today, -- they made an important point. president obama came up in the idea in the first place they never intended it for it to
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get to this point. in july of last year, memo sent to the agencies said don't worry about the sequester. it won't happen. go about your business faz the sequester wasn't going to happen, which ended up being irresponsible way to govern. there are ways to plan ahead. the middle managers sid we better think about going forward. there is a way to get more. the presidents said okay, mr. president. go for it. you have the authority. tell us what you are going to cut. >> bob: that is an interesting point. the fact that obama has not picked up on me tells me he will go after the tax loophol loopholes. if he decides to do that, the president has the discretion, white house turns it down immediately why do they turn it down? they don't have the leverage. >> greg: the joke is the philosophy on your side you can spend all you want.
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therefore, taxes, tax collection doesn't matter because you don't have to pay off the deficit. what matters is theft. what we talk about in the long run is looting taxpayers until they run out of taxpayers. it will end when they are dea dead. obama is kevorkian accelerating the process. >> kimberly: he is in for three-and-a-half more years. they don't mind playing chick within the american people. >> eric: this is bipartisan. this is not just the democrats. population is up to 11-1/2 p.c. the budget up 98%. doubled since 2012. there is no reason for that. there are democrats and republicans. both sides, what they want to do both sides want to protect the spending. >> bob: this is -- >> greg: this is bipolar,
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not bipartisan. >> bob: the first sequestration started in 1986. they did have sequestration. >> dana: the way it was structured was much different. they had it planned out and they agreed on it. it went through committee. this was slapped together so president obama wouldn't go through debt limit fight before the election. >> kimberly: they are not taking a big hit on this if you look at the political fall-out. both parties are to blame but still. >> eric: there is another debt ceiling approaching. >> greg: another round of herpes. >> kimberly: half the table can't relate to your comment. >> eric: the government will run out of money unless they do that again, too. >> kimberly: greg, you have overshared enough with us. >> greg: he is going until they wipe it out. >> kimberly: your sponsorship -- okay. coming up, how one team
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ten-mile check in the snow is warming hearts across america. a stir about determination and going the extra mile, literally. what a story it can teach all of us. that's next on "the five." stay with us. ♪ ♪
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>> eric: so on occasion on "the five" we are tough on america's youth. we have reason to be. remember sandra fluke who was furious because americans wouldn't pick up the tab for the birth control pills? then come along a good kid. his mom died a couple years ago and he was trying to make ends meet and take care of the siblings. the 18-year-old walking ten miles in the snow to apply for a job at a local thrift store. didn't get that job but was hired by a smart restaurant owner who picked up jhaqueil
2:18 pm
and give him a ride. we beat up on america's youth a lot. once in a while you got to say hey, more kids should be like him. >> greg: i beat up on them personally. one thing i don't get, a i go approaching a teenager on the road and it's an uplifting story. i do it, i get arrested. sol rules for some people. some rules for another. finally someone gets a job in the obama xy but he has to walk ten miles for it. >> dana: uphill both ways. >> greg: meanwhile you have the yahoo ceo pleading with workers to come in to office to work because they are all working at home. she should hire this guy as a v.p., because he will walk to work. >> eric: in the snow. >> dana: can i defend melissa meyer of yahoo on that? >> greg: okay. >> dana: yahoo was one of the first companies that allowed for flexibility working from home. they realized this company is in trouble, like you need -- she thinks that people need to be at the office. i defend her. >> greg: good for you.
2:19 pm
>> dana: though, i don't want to have to. >> kimberly: i like this story. this is the kind of attitude that you need. not what you can to for me, what can you hand out for me. an dra fluke, julia entitlement. this kid wants to earn it and provide for his family. i love to watch him this mor morning. many is the mentality. teach him to work in the restaurant. he fits in well. in the restaurant business you have to hustle. move fast, work hard, please customers. that's the kid he wants. he learned from his father and that is how he brings it to personal use and figure out the determination and focus. >> greg: we beat up on youth because your preoccupation with occupy wall street, particularly yours. then you they have is an example of youth in america. the millenial generation, the
2:20 pm
group we talk about gives more volunteer time -- >> greg: because they're unemployed. >> bob: wait. they give more volunteer time. they did better in college. people who really were the slackers were my generation, the baby-boomers. they are the ones who inherited a lot of money from their parents and have not done social work they should have. this is a bad economy. yet, they still manage to get through. they manage to take care of their parents and their kids. this is not an isolated thing in occupy wall street. across america, millenials are not only the biggest generation, but the enthusiastic generation. positive about the future of america. they volunteer and they will do fine. >> eric: wow! >> dana: if you look at the first block in washington, d.c., you remember a timer if leadership of the baby-boom generation. none of the problems will get fixed until they move on.
2:21 pm
>> bob: baby-boom was 46 to 66. >> greg: technically i'm a baby boomer. i was '64. >> eric: none of us were born in any substantial wealth. we all worked hard. we figured out how to make it happen. >> bob: we did, but they inherit $7 trillion. amazing. a lot of people maid something of themselves like you. but by an large baby-boomers have not been a great generation we talk about. >> kimberly: i appreciate your optimism today. not 100% agree with what you say but it was passionate. >> bob: you listen to greg and you want prozac out of the back pocket. >> kimberly: doom and gloom.
2:22 pm
>> eric: has occupy gone? are we done with the era? >> no. >> greg: if they romanticize the ideology, they will always exist. that's why you like them. they bash america. you love anything that says america is bad. >> bob: that is not true. that is false. take that back. >> greg: you salute the guys but embrace policy tas cope them down. >> bob: i embrace beating up on america? >> greg: you do. >> bob: i can't believe you said that. i am pained. i won't say anything. pick up my life and carry on. >> eric: when we come back, peace on earth. seeking it for thousands of years. now one left winger from the liberal wilderness -- try to say that quickly -- thinks she
2:23 pm
has the answer. barbara lee has her plan for peace. that is next on "the five."
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♪ ♪ >> greg: democrats introduced a bill to create federal department of peace-building to reduce the military and also to end bullying. lee says we invest in pentagon, military academies and the national defense universities to develop war tactics now. we need that invest in the peace and unviolence here at home. here is a gutfeld rule. anything that sounds like a bunch of third graders could have come up with it, will
2:28 pm
kill you. department of peace building. what is next? association of soft hugs? organization of forgiveness and lunchables? peace building equals death. life is not about making peace but keeping peace with peace. the only way to prevent war is through the ability to make war. it's amazing even after the holocaust we elect morons who don't get it. what happens when a western peace group goes abroad? two things. propaganda for the enemy or hostages. enough. let's face it. things that sound pleasant are always deadly. think about it. jelly fish. great whites. joy behar. let's not forget the slow loris. oh, yeah, that is adorable. because it's so cute and not fast it attracts predators who it kills by emitting poisen from the skin. it's like dana but she is smaller. we should all be like that? irresistible and murderous. >> kimberly: they're cute.
2:29 pm
>> dana: they are cute but they can kill you. if you hug them, they kill you. that is what america is. you invade, we kill you. bob, why are democrats naive about the world. they believe in peace and love stuff. >> bob: heil. like mussolini, maybe. >> greg: did you call me a nazi? >> bob: this sounds silly on the surface. all the things she talks about are already in government. peace foundation and group of deal with the department on bullying. all the things she mentioned somewhere in another on government you have it. i wouldn't just laugh about it and say it doesn't make sense. it makes sense to do something about bullying or encouraging peace around the world.
2:30 pm
we have got that. we invested in it. it works well. peace corps is a good example of that. >> kimberly: i know where they can go to hire. go to berkeley. land of aging hippies and flower kids, they love it. >> greg: they need cabinet level secretary of peace building and i was thinking big bird. >> kimberly: good start. big bird in birkenstock. fetching. >> dana: barney the dinosau dinosaur. >> greg: al franken. the point is they are putting it together. putting the military abroad and with bullying at home. it's always us. if we stop being so mean everybody will love us. >> dana: that worked out
2:31 pm
well. if bob is right and it exists in the government we have an answer to sequester. take them all and chop it up. this is a colossal waste of time. they said that taxpayers pay the federal salary for staffers who write bills like this to put it forward and take committee time to try to basically -- i don't think she is serious she would want it. she does it for publicity. >> bob: the goals of this are not silly. i was a member of the peace corps. people two went in peace corps when i went in it, went around the world and lived in difficult situations to spread good american values around -- >> dana: i'm not against the peace corps. i'm for the peace corps. >> bob: my point is all the things we've got in these things, the democrats or democrats -- >> kimberly: why do we need this? >> bob: i said at the beginning we didn't need an agency that exists. >> eric: why is she
2:32 pm
proposing it? freddie >> bob: no idea. >> greg: i have a quote. the culture of violence we live in unacceptable and far past time that we address it with the nation. this is why she is doing it. this is about the united states. in her mind, it's always going to be the villain. >> eric: or the inroad, back road to gun control. >> kimberly: there is a hideous czar larking in this department. that is why we don't have money. the redundancy in spending. what can we do to get our name in press and create ridiculous situations. c'mon, that is laughable. the defense department does a lot odd. go
2:33 pm
>> bob: more waste in there than the government. >> dana: the parallel is department of homeland security. components taken care of at d.s. were done in different part of the government. bush administration there was a decision to put it under one room. >> kimberly: consolidate. >> dana: there is a decent apt of criticism how it led to duplicitous programs and out-of-control government. before that, there was a feeling they needed to be coordinated to protect the country. >> greg: this is just a government initiative to expand government. 'canes is government initiative to get publicity. >> bob: the defense department is bloated spend more money than other agency in government together, combined in wasteful spending. squeeze $84 billion from them. >> dana: i would put more money in them. >> greg: it's the only thing in government that works. >> kimberly: it does.
2:34 pm
>> bob: on the side of the road they cost us hundreds of billions of dollars. >> dana: money well spent. >> bob: money well spent? >> dana: maybe not everything but i would raise salary of infantryman. >> bob: not a bad start and then get rid of 1,000 admirals we don't need and the perks they have. >> dana: get rid of the union employees that are working over there? >> kimberly: the defense spending keeps us strong and safe and keeps respect in the world. >> bob: you come in here and come down on obama. >> eric: i want to do the arias case. >> bob: so did i. >> greg: we know he hates this block. we'll take a break. lindsay lohan's lawyers want to make a deal with prosecutors to keep her out of jail again. wait until you hear what they are proposing. she is moving in with bob. good idea. they would get along great. ♪ ♪
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>> eric: i'm bret baier in washington. big story here, amazing move by the friday administration, ahead of the friday deadline for request for sequestration. today, hundreds of immigrants released from jail. immigration and custom n the growthclaims it's a of spending. he says g.o.p. lawmakers refuse to compromise. no meeting scheduled with them before friday.
2:40 pm
jim angle tells us about billions of your taxpayers dollars that the government collected and not yet spent. "special report" starts at 6:00 eastern, and back to my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: when you think of positive role models for young women, does lindsay lohan jump out at you? the troubled actress is due back in court next month on charges of reckless driving, lying to police and obstruction and in hopes to get her out of the latest legal troubles her lawyer is trying to dodge punishment sending her out as a motivational speaker for young women. kimberly, from the legal perspective, if you were the lawyers -- i guess i understand why the lawyers are going to try this. if you were the judge, would you buy it for a second?
2:41 pm
>> kimberly: the judges buy it every day. you have to reach out, help people. do all of this. it makes sense because these are the type of programs that involved and it's a two-fer. it makes her look better. right in? if she can complete this they will have good publicity out of it. develop a relationship with an underprivileged girl. i'll be positive here, like bob was earlier today for a moment and say maybe he is has an impact. they want to meet her but the troubled past is not an example of what the young girls should do today. >> dana: if she ready to be a motivational speaker? she is basically, i don't know if she has been on the wagon for the last couple of months. that is bob, he will be all right. >> kimberly: he has bronchitis. >> eric: i'm not sure if she is ready. but the kids she speaks to aren't ready to have lindsay lohan party animal staying out all night doing whatever
2:42 pm
drugs, party drugs. that is probably not the motivation you want the kids -- >> dana: she could act her way through it. >> eric: don't look to lindsay lohan for advice. >> dana: she could act her way through it. >> greg: great motivational speaker. just say "don't be like me." in hollywood everybody does charity cases and green causes for p.r. cover. the problem with lindsay the girls don't, they don't, they can't predict or know what they will be like in ten years. they don't think ahead. in fen years she will be invisible and there will be nobody who cares about her. joanie loves chochi and now lives in a trailer park. >> bob: my problem is the
2:43 pm
hollywood people get sober for little time and say look at me. but must of the time they fall and slip back in to it. she goes to hold herself up as someone who overcome adversity. she is not even close to that. i said it many, many times. i hope and i pray it doesn't happen. but i think her future is terrible. she has been coddled. to let her go out on a speaker tour and be motivationm speaker for young women is ridiculous. >> dana: she needs the judge from florida after ticked him off, gave her more time. think about that for a couple of days. >> greg: move in with her. with lindsay lohan. that would be amazing reality show. lindsay and dana. >> dana: but maybe she works as a reverse, like scared straight program, tell the daughter if you do that you end up like her.
2:44 pm
>> eric: end up like her as she pulls few her stretch limo. >> kimberly: doesn't have any money for that. >> greg: no money. they have no concept of money, they get everything for free. >> kimberly: charlie sheen helped her. >> greg: what did he get? >> dana: no, i saw an interview with charlie sheen on katie's show that lindsay lohan had not been paid what she was supposed to get for a movie and he felt bad about that and provided it to her. you have a sick mind. >> kimberly: call a medic. >> dana: everything is okay. bob is under control. bronchitis but he will feel better soon. next up on five five. he will talk about the titanic. kimberly will be reformed because it's -- informed, it's not movie. wow could sail on the replica of the doomed ship and the same itinerary? we talk about that when we come back. ♪
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♪ >> bob: forgive my hacking, i have bronchitis. kimberly is nervous because she sits next to me. titanic came to life again on the big screen. we have a story about that. kimberly told us in the break -- >> kimberly: no. no. no. >> bob: her then boyfriend and she were watching it inside an indoor pool, in a ritzy and he proposed to her over "titanic" and she accepted. >> kimberly: this is problem
2:50 pm
with bob. i did not get ingauged inside a pool. bob we also found out this -- >> bob: we found out this is greg's favorite movie. but the titanic is going to come to life on the ocean. billionaire is going to build a replica of the doomed ship called titanic ii. smart. that would set sail in 2016. 40,000 people signed up for this already. would you like to get on the titanic ii? >> eric: no. remember the last ship that was just, had the engine problems and i said i would never get on another ship. >> kimberly: triumph. >> eric: i don't want to be on any ship, let alone the titanic. obvious that will sink, too. democrat is totally bolling, right? >> bob: that is because you're not a romantic. if you were on there and jacked, your old lady would drop you off so fast. >> eric: wait. he is holding her. >> bob: no, the other way around. >> dana: not end.
2:51 pm
>> eric: at the end, she gave -- >> bob: she let him go down. >> kimberly: he didn't want to compromise -- >> dana: i could not get on. i get seasick. i have copious amount of dramomine. ed it makes me sleepy so i sleep. >> bob: there are a few things like air conditioning and upgraded electrical system. >> dana: wi-fi. >> bob: greg, they will have the original menu they had. i would think you would be happy to have that. freddie i'm like dana. i get seasick. >> dana: maybe it has to do with your height. >> greg: my height? >> dana: our height. >> kimberly: together we're 6-feet tall. titanic is the greatest movie ever, "titanic ii." with bruce davidson and brook burns.
2:52 pm
nobody has seen it. better than "titanic." >> kimberly: why? >> greg: i don't know. i didn't see it. jimenez is the one you asked me to see. >> greg: i was going to propose to you but you fell asleep. >> kimberly: in a shorty robe. >> bob: you want to straighten the record out? >> kimberly: you completely mess it all up. it did not get engaged in a pool. i was watching the movie on a big screen over an inour pool where tiner was prepared by a chef. it was very romantic. then after that, took a trip and then i got engaged. >> dana: why was the screen over the pool? >> kimberly: because it was an indoor pool. >> dana: you weren't in the pool. >> kimberly: no, i was outside the pool. >> dana: were you meant to get on the pool. >> kimberly: not unless it was heated. >> greg: have you been on a crummy date someone takes you to taco bell. or is it always a film over a pool in a skyscraper and dropped off by a helicopter? >> kimberly: yeah. that's kind of what happens.
2:53 pm
>> greg: you have never been on a date someone picks you up in a dodson and takous to the drive-in and bag of taco bell. >> kimberly: listen, i love taco bell. and mcdonald's. >> kimberly: you need a regular joe. >> bob: i took a woman out one day and got stopped by the police on a war rent. bench warrant for me and both got arrested. good way to go and tell her father. by the way, your daw was in jail. >> dana: how old were you? freddie last year. >> bob: last i was in jail was seven years ago. >> dana: you didn't go on a second date with her? >> bob: her father would have shot me dead if i showed up at the door. >> kimberly: you forgot if you were on the titan what i can you would do. grab somebody's baby to save yourself. >> bob: if i were on titanic, grab a baby -- lifeboats are women, children and liberals. i would grab a baby, dress up like a woman like the guy and jump on board and let you go
2:54 pm
down with the boat. >> kimberly: i'd be dancing in the ballroom drinking champagne. >> bob: up there with the deck -- >> kimberly: if you are going to go, go in a good way. >> bob: dance the tango and get married on your way down for the fifth time. one more thing is up next. district terrible. >> kimberly: the worst. ♪ ♪
2:55 pm
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2:58 pm
>> kimberly: it's time now for one more thing. bob? >> bob: the great, great icon of the zil rights movement miss rosa parks who i had the pleasure of meeting two or three times and was a wonderful woman today was honored by being the first black woman to have her full statue reveale revealed in staty hall in the capitol, a great honor, it goes among the great leaders in the united states who contribute to the history of the country. she is known for not giving up her seat to the white man that led to the birmingham bus boycott. she did more than that. she was activist in civil rights movement and education. after that she moved to trait after she was threatened being in birmingham and continued to do civil rights work. miss parks is one of the great icons in my view of this country. she deserves every bit of that. congratulations. wonderful human being.
2:59 pm
>> kimberly: nice tribute, bob. >> eric: very nice. >> kimberly: sweet. >> eric: so saturday, check out the little kid, the 6-year-old, his first concert ever. ras cat flat -- rascal flats concert. listen to what he did. watch. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: keep watching it for a couple of seconds. he is awesome. his first concert. >> kimberly: my gosh, she good. future timberlake or bieber. i love it. super cute. i'm not up. >> eric: tell white house is up. >> kimberly: we are going around to keep it easy. >> dana: my turn is next. i have a nice sto.
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